Bergen City Event

Bergen City Event will develop Bergen as an event city with a focus on international, national, and city-wide events. Bergen City Event will plan and carry out the Municipality of Bergen’s own, large-scale, city-wide events and will evaluate external initiatives for big events in Bergen and the surrounding region, and advise the Municipality on such events. Bergen City Event will contribute to the transfer of expertise and support participants in developing locally based pilot projects.

Photo: Eivind Senneset

Bergen City Event was founded in October of 2014 and was up and running in March, 2015. The company is a strategic tool for the Municipality of Bergen and its event policies, and will bring a steady stream of compelling events to Bergen that will be advantageous for the local economy. Bergen City Event will act as a coordinating hub and will maintain an overview of upcoming events while cooperating closely with cultural, athletic, and industry organizations. Furthermore, Bergen City Event will evaluate external initiatives for large-scale events to be held in Bergen, and advise the Municipality accordingly. Bergen City Event will support participating actors in developing locally based pilot projects, help with effective project management, and act as a liaison between event managers and decision makers. Through support during the application process, planning, and effective project management, the company will ensure cooperation and dialogue between participating actors in the best possible manner. Bergen City Event will not be a company competing with private actors or volunteer organizations, but will instead be a company ensuring expertise and prioritizing cooperation between cultural, athletic, industry organizations more generally. The company will act as a bridge builder and expertise center to connect resources in the most rational way possible, to strengthen Bergen as an event city.