Bergen City Event

Bergen City Event will develop Bergen as an event city with a focus on international, national, and city-wide events. Bergen City Event will plan and carry out the Municipality of Bergen’s own, large-scale, city-wide events and will evaluate external initiatives for big events in Bergen and the surrounding region, and advise the Municipality on such events. Bergen City Event will contribute to the transfer of expertise and support participants in developing locally based pilot projects.

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    The Tall Ships Races

    July — 2019

    From July 21st to the 24th Bergen will, for the fifth time, be one of the host cities of the Tall Ships Races. Once again the city will be filled with the most beautiful sailing ships participating in the annual, international sailing practice event organized by Sail Training International (STI). The event was first held in 1956, and Bergen became a host city for the first time in 1993. - Read more

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    August — 2018

    When Fjordsteam returns to Bergen the city harbour will overflow with exciting crowds, shining antique ships and fjord boats, music and dancing, rolling and stationary historical treasures, and all the best that Norwegian fjord and coastal culture has to offer, and YOU are invited! Fjordsteam takes place in downtown Bergen between August 2-5, 2018, and you won't want to miss the festivities! - Read more

  • 28.

    NMF National Festival

    June — 2018

    NMF (The Norwegian Band Federation) was founded in 1918 and is comprised of school-, and amateur bands. It is the biggest organization for amateur musicians in Norway and the second biggest cultural volunteer organization after athletic organizations, with approximately 60,000 members in over 1,600 bands. Between June 28 and July 1st Bergen will be host to thousands of band musicians. - Read more

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    May — 2018

    The festivals in Bergen are a lot of energy and joy, a party that is exploratory and untouched, but at the same time accessible and open. From may 23. - 6. June we will introduce an emergency state in the city with almost 300 events inside and out of the room. - Read more

  • 10.

    European Orchestra Festival

    May — 2018

    10.–13.May Bergen will be hosting the 11. European Orchestra Festival. 25 orchestras, containing a thousand musicians from all over Europe, will fill the city with music. at the big concert hall Grieghallen, at The King Håkons hall and at a number of other venues. All the concerts are free! - Read more

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    October — 2017

    METEOR is one of Norway's most prominent and important international festivals for performing arts. The festival has been organized by BIT Teatergarasjen in October every other year since 2001. The ten days the festival is going on, it is possible to get acquainted with young, forward-looking Norwegian performing arts next to renowned and international companies. The festival also offers seminars, workshops, social mingling and parties that create relationships and experiences for life. - Read more

  • 20.

    The Research Days in Bergen

    September — 2017

    From September 20 to October 1 the research festivities are coming back to Bergen! This is when we'll take the research out of the academic institutions and into public spaces. Exciting debates, engaging lectures, a research market, and the science communication contest, The Research Grand Prix, is only some of what the Research Days in Bergen has to offer. - Read more

  • 16.

    UCI World Road Championships

    September — 2017

    From September 16 through the 24th the UCI World Road Championships will be held in Bergen. Bergen 2017 is the responsible organization, handling planning and coordinating of the UCI World Road Championships. Norway will for the second time host one of the largest international bicycling events in the world - the World Championships. - Read more

  • 1.

    Bergen Food Festival

    September — 2017

    Bergen Food Festival is Norway's biggest local food festival and is held at Koengen in Bergen, on September 1-3. Experience true food pleasure, get inspired and enjoy local and international flavors! Meet the talented food growers of the region, from both the sea and land, and some of the city's best restaurants in the restaurant tent "The Food City of Bergen." Bergen Food Festival also includes the Children's Food Festival, with its own food tent, cooking courses, animals and exciting activities. - Read more

  • 29.

    Bergen Cup

    June — 2017

    Norway’s biggest summer tournament in handball. From June 23rd through the 26th Bergen Cup will be held at Varden in Fyllingsdalen. Bergen Cup is a handball tournament for children and youth seven through 18 years of age. The tournament is held outdoors on Astroturf courts and intends to attract national and international teams to Bergen. Bergen Cup is held on the last weekend of June every year and was held for the first time in 2015. - Read more

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    June — 2017

    Bergenfest is one of Norway's biggest and best music festivals and is held in the beautiful surroundings of Bergenhus Fortress in the heart of Bergen. A record number of local artists are participating this year, with local names like Hjerteslag, Aurora, Store P, Sondre Lerche, Sigrid, and John Olav Nilsen & Nordsjøen, and others showing up. Additionally big international names like Ellie Goulding and the Pet Shop Boys, and the norwegian rappers Karpe Diem are showing up - this will be a party you won't want to miss! - Read more

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    May — 2017

    Nattjazz (Nightjazz) is one of the major jazz festivals in Northern Europe and swings into action every year in late May / early June in Bergen, Norway. Nattjazz was founded in 1972 and is despite its age now stronger than ever. The festival is a chance to check out headline acts, or experience different types of jazz and improvisational music. Nattjazz is also an opportunity for local audiences to see their own artists in an international context, and the festival carefully selects the most exciting talents from the Bergen rock, jazz and electro scene. - Read more

  • 24.

    Bergen International Festival

    May — 2017

    The Bergen International Festival presents art in all its guises: music, theatre, dance, opera and visual art. In 2017 the festival takes place from May 24th to June 7th. The Bergen International Festival is explorative and unafraid, yet accessible and open, and for 15 days we declare an artistic state of emergency in the city of Bergen, with over 300 events, inside and outside, open to all. - Read more

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    Bergen Swim Festival

    May — 2017

    Bergen Swim Festival will celebrate its 10 year anniversary by hosting Norway's biggest, coolest swim meet once again, this year at the Alexander Dale Oen Arena in the heart of Bergen, on May 5-7. The meet is approved by the Norwegian Swimming Federation and with over €27,000 in cash prizes and several of Europe's best swimmers we proudly look forward to hosting it in Norway's best swimming arena. The event is FINA-approved as a qualifying meet for the World Championships in Budapest in July. - Read more

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    May — 2017

    The funniest people in the country will gather in Norway's funniest city, Bergen, to have everyone in stitches. On May 4-6 comedians and entertainers like Thomas Seltzer, Anne Kat. Hærland, Sigrid Tusvik and Lisa Tønne are coming to turn Bergen on its' head! - Read more

  • 8.

    Borealis Festival

    March — 2017

    Borealis is a festival for experimental music in Bergen. It is a place for adventurous listening, where we celebrate music that is not easily defined or placed in a box. This year the festival happens on March 8-12, with over 50 artists and 26 different events, in the form of concerts, shows, lectures, and film screenings. Borealis is open for everyone; from the novice listener to the musical expert, from the youngest listeners to the oldest and wisest. Borealis invites you to a journey through new musical worlds! - Read more

  • 3.

    Festivities in the Reformation City of Bergen!

    March — 2017

    It has been 500 years since German monk Martin Luther revealed his famous ninety-five theses and triggered the protestant reformation that came to change big parts of the world. From March 3-7 the Festivities in the Reformation City Bergen will take place. There will be concerts, theater performances, debates, mass, city walks, and many other fun activities for the kids, including a seven-tower tour and electronica festival. - Read more

  • 9.

    Cultural Night in Bergen Friday September 9th

    September — 2016

    Cultural Night in Bergen, Friday September 9th. Do you want to join a Culture Cruise on Beffen, a flashlight walk at the Hanseatic Museum, still life drawing at Tårnsalen, glass-blowing at S12, a choir concert at Domkirken, dancing at Torgallmenningen, a singalong at Skansen, or city walks looking for street art? Then this is the night for you! These are only a few of the things you can experience in downtown Bergen on Friday, September 9th. Best of all: it’s free! - Read more

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    Bergen Assembly

    September — 2016

    Bergen Assembly is a large international art festival held in Bergen every three years, and this September invites you to a number of events that are all free for the general public. After three years of planning the 2016 version of the triennial is finally ready, where three artistic leaders - Tarek Atoui, freethought, and PRAXES have gotten free reign to develop their projects. The result is three independent projects that include exhibitions, presentations, film screenings, concerts, and performance art. - Read more

  • 25.

    Anniversary Voyage 2016

    June — 2016

    In light of the King and Queen of Norway marking 25 years as regents, the whole Royal Family will embark on an anniversary voyage with the King's Ship “Norge” along the Norwegian Coastline. They will visit the big Norwegian cities on their voyage southward, and on June 25th Bergen has the great pleasure of wishing the Royal Couple and the Crown Prince and Princess welcome. Join us to celebrate the Royal Couple at Bryggen on June 25th. - Read more

  • 23.

    Bergen Cup

    June — 2016

    Norway’s biggest summer tournament in handball. From June 23rd through the 26th Bergen Cup will be held at Varden in Fyllingsdalen. Bergen Cup is a handball tournament for children and youngsters seven to 18 years of age. The tournament is held outdoors on Astroturf courts and intends to attract national and international teams to Bergen. Bergen Cup is held on the last weekend of June every years and was held for the first time in 2015. - Read more

  • 9.

    The Hanseatic Days

    June — 2016

    The Hanseatic Days are an event marking the modern Hanseatic city association established in 1980. This association is now one of the world’s largest volunteer associations, with 186 member cities and towns. The purpose is to revitalize and increase awareness of the Hanseatic history of the member cities and to promote inter-city cooperation. Experience the Hanseatic Days in Bergen on June 9th through the 12th. - Read more